How YOU can Stand With Sears


On September 2, 2016, the California Medical Board filed charges with the State Attorney General’s Office against Dr. Bob Sears in an attempt to revoke his license to practice medicine. Dr. Sears is a well liked and greatly respected pediatrician with an established practice in Orange County, CA. He has also been very active in representing a medical professional’s perspective on health freedom. Last year, when SB277 was introduced and health freedom was in jeopardy, it wasn’t uncommon to see Dr. Sears at a rally, convention or legislative hearing, sharing his perspective on the importance of the patient-doctor relationship and informed consent.

Make no mistake. A battle line has been drawn. What’s at stake? Patient-doctor relationships, health freedom, and informed consent. Dr. Bob is clearly an easy target as he is the most visibly outspoken proponent for health freedom in California. If the Medical Board is successful in their attempt to revoke his medical license, the loss won’t just be Dr. Bob’s livelihood. Fewer doctors will be courageous enough to speak out for fear of similar corrective action from the Medical Board. Bureaucrats and businessman have no place in making medical decisions for the people of California. That should be left to doctors and their patients.

The time is now to help Dr. Sears! Please consider giving a monetary gift to help fund his legal defense. This fight will likely be time consuming and financially draining. Your support is greatly appreciated. Dr. Bob has never hesitated to stand with us for Health Freedom. It’s time for us to stand with him! #standwithsears

The best way to pledge your support is to send your gift payable by check to the address listed below. This is NOT a donation. It is a GIFT. Make your check payable to Dr. Bob Sears. Please make sure your return address is printed on the check or envelope so that acknowledgement of your gift can be mailed to you. All funds will be used for Dr. Sears’ legal defense. Any remaining funds will be applied to Health Freedom Issues to be determined at the sole discretion of Dr. Sears.

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